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Visa Information

Some Petroleum Network Education Conferences registrants from outside the U.S. will need to apply for a visa at the American Embassy, consulate, or other visa-issuing office in their country of origin. To obtain a visa, you will need a Letter of Invitation (CLICK HERE to download the application), a valid passport, a photo ID and Form DS 156 (nonimmigrant visa application form). A visa is not required for visitors from countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program.  For information on requirements for entering the United States, please visit http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/business.html.

Please note that residents of certain countries will need a non-immigrant B-1 visa to be authorized for a temporary business visit.  Residents of countries for which the visa requirement is waived will need to obtain a travel authorization via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. For more information, please visit http://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/esta.

Visa Application Tips:

If you are planning to attend, apply for your visa as soon as possible. Attaching evidence of any previous visits to our event may help shorten the application processing time. Attaching evidence of your intended trip home can shorten the application processing time.


Letter of Invitation

If the U.S. State Department requires you to apply for a visa, please allow at least 90 days prior to the beginning of PNEC to visit the U.S. Embassy in your country to begin the application process. Before visiting the U.S. Embassy, you will need a Letter of Invitation to attend PNEC. To receive this letter you must register and pay the registration fee in full for PNEC. As soon as your funds clear our bank, a letter of invitation can be requested by completing the Letter of Invitation Application in full and submitting it to the Registration Department as indicated on the form.

Download the Letter of Invitation Application, complete, and submit the form to the Registration Department:

By Fax: +1-918-831-9161
By Email: registration@pennwell.com

Cancellation Policy

The Registration Department must be notified by April 16, 2017, to request a refund. After this date, no refunds are available.


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