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Eileen Mahlow
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Manager of Staffing and Development Managers
Eileen Mahlow, Manager of Enterprise Data Management and Business Intelligence at XTO Energy in Spring, Texas has a degree in Geophysics from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. She began her career in the Petroleum industry 40 years ago as a geophysicist and then supervisor at Gulf Oil. Over the past 40 years, Eileen has worked in application support and data management roles at Meridian Oil, Burlington Resources, Exxon, Schlumberger, IHS Energy and now XTO Energy.
While at XTO, Eileen has been involved with implementations of Master Data Management, Log Data Management, Land and enterprise GIS systems. She has been dedicated throughout her career to educating others about Petroleum Data Management and to providing value-added solutions to her customers. In addition to the PNEC advisory board, Eileen is also a member of the Houston Leadership Team for PPDM.
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Eileen Mahlow