Full Name
Shawn New
Job Title
Geoscience Data Lead
Shawn New has been a PNEC Advisory Board Member since 2017 and served as 2019 Conference Chair. He joined BP in October 2019 and has 22 years’ experience in the field of Petroleum Data Management, with positions at Marathon, Shell, Chevron, Maersk Oil, and BHP. Shawn earned his CPDA (Certified Petroleum Data Analyst) through PPDM in May 2018, and served on their Certification Committee (PDMCC) until January 2020. He is also current Chair of the SEG Technical Standards Committee. Shawn has developed in his career through mentoring, formal and informal data management and geoscience training, and networking with peers at various industry events like PNEC. He believes that sound but practical data governance, standards and processes are key to delivering high quality data to geoscientists.
Shawn New