The SEG Technical Standards Committee Advisory Document for SEGY #Seismic, #Standards
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Jill Lewis

The SEG Technical Standards Committee (TSC) has spent the last 10 years updating formats for both field, SEGD and pre/post-stack data exchange SEGY. This work has taken into consideration the current and future technologies and the demands that this places on the data. Along with this work the TSC has ensured that complete data sets can be maintained within a single volume. Once data has been written into into these exchange standards correctly it can be auto read ensuring that new techniques such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be applied to single and multiple volumes. Unfortunately there has been a lack of take up of these formats and the TSC has therefore taken on additional work in producing a simple guideline for each of the standard data types. This makes it extremely easy to implement and adopt the standard and to ensure best practices. In this presentation we will show how easy it would be to adopt the SEG-Y_r2 format. The TSC committee will also announce the number of governments and companies who have committed to adopt this standard. No matter what IT fashion is currently in vogue the SEG exchange standards have allowed us to rise above these comings and goings. That is admiral but we must also ensure that we do modernise our data to make the best of new technologies that are important to the progress of our industry. These new formats with their advisory documents achieve just this so spend half an hour and revolutionise both your jobs and your departments. Get data ready for the 2020's.