What’s in it for me? Professionalizing Petroleum Data Management – A PPDM Journey
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Patrick Meroney Cynthia Schwendeman

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) of the PPDM (Professional Petroleum Data Management) Association has been focusing on initiatives including the development of standards for data management job descriptions, career path recommendations, compensation data, and a centralized repository of educational and professional development opportunities.

We would like the opportunity to inform practicing data managers what work is being done to professionalize our discipline over the past two years.

  • Job Families – We will review how we defined job families in various disciplines and share feedback from global PPDM workshops..
  • Job Descriptions and Competencies - We plan to share the progress we have made on defining standard job descriptions and competencies for key roles in our industry. 
  • Compensation Survey Results – In 2019, we administered a job-specific “Compensation Survey” which captured data from over 500 global petroleum data professionals. The high-level results will be presented.
  • Professional Development Catalogue – This online catalogue contains Petroleum-related Data Courses from various vendors and can guide aspiring or experienced data managers on their next training opportunity

The PDC is essential to not only the development and maintenance of the PPDM job standards, but also to ensure that we are continually revising and being abreast of the everchanging job roles in our companies around the Globe.