Editorial Videos

In this collection of brief editorial videos, members of PNEC's 2018 Advisory Board recall their experiences attending PNEC events throughout their careers. From their perspective, each member describes the value that the PNEC Conference & Exhibition offers to attendees and exhibitors.

Jana Schey, COO, Energistics, tells us, in this short video, some of the unique benefits of attending PNEC!

Attending PNEC Conference and Exhibition can expand your industry knowledge. In this short video, Shawn New, Operational Data Management, Technical Computing, BHP, shares his experience attending PNEC.

Raisa Kunichoff, Senior Technical Data Management Consultant, Shell International Exploration & Production Inc., tells us about the importance of attending #PNEC2018, in this short video.

Phillip Benyeogor, Senior Subsurface Data Specialist, BP America. In this short video, Phillip shares his personal experience as a many times PNEC delegate, and as an advisory board member. Take a minute to watch!

Mery Clark,Seismic Data Coordinator at ConocoPhillips, speaks of the positive impact PNEC has made on those she has introduced to the conference for the first time.

Joel Allard, Geoscience Data Administrator, Kosmos Energy.
As former Chairman and now a member of PNEC's advisory board, Joel understands first-hand the care that members of the committee place on the selection of content for the conference. Take a minute to watch.