Ecopetrol’s New Digital Strategy for Upstream Data Management #Digitalization, #Strategy
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Gustavo Londoño

Ecopetrol is a vertically integrated energy company, engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, and the transportation, refining, and marketing of gas and petroleum products. It is the biggest Oil Company in Colombia and currently the leading Company in the Region, as well as one of the biggest in Latin America. It currently operates several countries, including Colombia, Peru, Brazil Mexico and the U.S. Since its foundation in 1951, Ecopetrol has been accumulating huge amount of information in different formats (Well Logs, Well Folders, Reports, samples, seismic, etc.) .from various countries, using metric and imperial systems and with a huge diversity in quality, presentations and formats. The current setup is based on various industry standard SQL solutions which, in view of the technological advances in Data Management in the IT realm, have become obsolete, especially for Big Data handling and the access of 100% of all the content for AI development. Therefore, Ecopetrol is building a cloud based platform with Kadme that will be able to give opportune, fast and complete data access for any user, based on rules and permits. Once the system has been deployed on a corporate level, the cloud platform will have advance Natural Language searches that will permit that any user finds any piece of data that is needed, independently of its location, format and origin. This platform will also have an API that enables an easy integration with other AI engines and other tools, so the data can be used to its maximum potential. The final objective is to make all the corporate information an enabler to accelerate the Exploration and Field development process, cutting costs and time in a significant way and keeping Ecopetrol as the most profitable and fastest growing Oil & Gas entity in Latin America in the years to come.

Co Authors:

Dirk Adams, Representative for the Americas, KADME AS
Cesar Aldana, Manager of the Intelligent Search Project (EcoSearch), Ecopetrol
Luis Molina, Application Implementation Specialist/Local Resourse, KADME AS
Jaime Malagon, Transformation Program Manager, Ecopetrol
Ivan Plata, Geologist of the Development Vice Presidency, Ecopetrol 
Christian Osorio, GIS Specialist/Exploration Department, Ecopetrol